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My square watermelon - how to grow square watermelon

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Sabtu, 21 Desember 2013

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The notorious cartoon character, Homer Simpson, didn`t know how to grow square watermelon so he bought one from a street vendor in Tokyo. I grew one in my home garden and now show others how to grow their own square watermelon in their home gardens. It's your turn to have your own!

Knowing how to grow square watermelon is still a mystery to many, however, this unusual fruit is taking Japan by storm being only available at select supermarkets and upscale stores.

Japanese watermelon farmers have perfected the art of growing square watermelons, but they aren’t about to reveal their secret process. When a square watermelon sells for over $82 USD who can blame them for protecting their knowledge of how to grow this square fruit.

But I did it. I cracked the code and I explained it all on how to grow square watermelon in my latest ebook Grow Your Own Square Watermelon.

...when I told them I planted watermelon last summer I hardly got a response. When I mentioned I harvested a square watermelon, I couldn’t shut them up for the barrage of curious questions.

It is about the challenge of how to grow square watermelon as part of my square watermelon story. I often dabble in my home garden with interest in doing things just a bit differently. First, I must admit I have no formal training in agriculture or horticulture. My ideas and energy come out of my curiosity about things and how they happen to be.

What the commercial watermelon growers won’t reveal, I have...

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