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Add flash audio buttons to your website - flash audio wizard

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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FACT: Adding Audio To Your Website Can Increase Performance by up to 312%

  "...we tested the program out with 7 computer know-nothings and they averaged 2½ Minutes..."

From: Roger Weavers & Nick James Re: New Release of Flash Audio Wizard version 4

There's no question about it, audio driven Websites are currently taking the Internet by storm.

There is now over whelming proof that adding audio to a website can solely be responsible for increasing both sales and subscription rates.... So what about YOU?

Are you using audio yet? If the answer is NO ... You could be losing out on hundreds of extra follow up subscribers and countless valuable sales! Here's why...

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Let Me Show You Just How Easily It Is To Add Audio To Your Website With Flash Audio Wizard

Now, I know what your thinking ... "is it really that simple?" The truth is YES, it is. The only part that might appear to be technical is adding the HTML code, which Flash Audio Wizard automatically generates for your existing webpage. Rest assured it's simple enough to do though.

Here are a few quick-fire ways you can build your web business using FlashAudioWizard.

Welcome Voice On Homepage: As your visitors arrive at your home page you can program your audio to play automatically, A welcoming voice with a reassuring tone will certainly encourage your website visitors to trust you.

Instructions On What To Do Next: Lots of websites repeatedly lose sales because their visitors don't know what to do next. Sometimes it's not obvious which buttons to press, how to complete an order, or how long to wait for a response. Add FlashAudioWizard to your website at this crucial point when your potential buyers need a little more help and you're much less likely to lose them.

Talking eBooks & CD ROMs: Typing an ebook can take weeks. However, you can create a new product by simply talking into a microphone for 60 minutes or so, and then selling the audio file as an audio eBook. (An extra tip here, is to pay a fast typist to do a transcript of the recording at a later date. This will increase your eBook's value.)

Testimonials That Talk: Audio Testimonials are extremely powerful. Use them to provide proof that your product or service is second to none. The effect LIVE testimonials have over written testimonials is astonishing. They add pure realism and support to your website.

eZines With Live Audio: Add value and uniqueness to your eZine by using audio commentary to promote new ideas to your subscribers.

Email With Audio: A great way to personalize your messages is to add your voice to your emails.

Updates Using Audio: If you don't want to sit and type long emails about the latest updates on your website you can use audio. Audio is perfect for letting your visitors know about anything new you've added to your website...

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