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Best brainwave entrainment cds - brain salon brainwave cds

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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The Brain Salon is a scientifically-proven MP3 series that uses specialized sound patterns to CHANGE your STATE.

In JUST 30 MINUTES, it can recreate absolutely ANY state of mind – including total focus, complete happiness, thorough relaxation, deep sleep, heightened creativity – and MORE.

A control panel that allowed you to CHANGE your state of mind at the click of a button, giving you unprecedented CONTROL over your state, feelings and emotions.

You’re trying to study, but your mind is elsewhere. You keep getting distracted, you can’t stop fidgeting, and you’re getting NOTHING done.

You’ve had a rough day at work, and are supposed to head out for the evening. But you can’t shake off that grouchy feeling and get into that happy, peppy mood that others associate you with.

You’re in bed at night, with a big event happening tomorrow. You NEED to sleep – but you’re spending hour after hour, turning in bed, your mind racing, completely unable to relax and dive into slumber.

With the Brain Salon, you can QUICKLY and EASILY turn around ANY of these situations – and many others too.

In just MINUTES, you can change your entire state, feelings and emotions, just by slipping on a pair of headphones, and chilling out.

“Brain Salon is a powerful brainwave entrainment CD program that produces altered states of consciousness upon command. Whether you want to sharpen your focus, enter a happy state, gain energy, chill out, or dip into a blissfully relaxed sleep...

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