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Marketing a restaurant - restaurant marketing plan

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Traditional phone directory advertising simply doesn’t work as well as it did in the past. The majority of people are searching the internet on their computers and mobile phones to find products and services in their local area.

That’s why Google created 50,000000 Google+ Local Business Place Pages that are pre-indexed “Mini Websites” and are giving them away Free. They want to provide their users with relevant, local searches.

So what does this mean for your restaurant business? It means that when someone types the word “restaurant” into their computer or mobile phone in your area your business has a chance of “showing up” in the results.

This Restaurant Marketing Guide shows step-by-step how to get your business ranked at the top of Google. No software to buy, all you need is a computer and access to the internet.

43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant with the intent of buying in their local area

You simply can’t afford to ignore the power of Internet Marketing any longer if you want your restaurant business to succeed.

In this Restaurant Marketing Plan I give you complete step-by-step instructions on how to populate your Place Page for maximum results. Nothing is left out. You will get the same information that I use with my own clients to get them top Google Maps listings.

You will also get resources to the top 20 places to list your business in that help your Google+ Local listing placement. Plus these two...

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