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More clients please - more clients please sales mastermind group

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

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“Just being around such productive, high-achieving people as all of you (honestly, I am going to have to pedal fast to keep up!) is having a huge impact.”

The More Clients Sales Mastermind is designed to get you more clients. If you work from home and are easily distracted by bright shiny objects when you know you should be focusing on selling more, then keep reading.

I’m Matthew Kimberley, the Head of the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training (the marketing training school founded by multiple NYT-bestselling author Michael Port).

I also train sales teams for international airports, multinational pharmaceuticals companies, insurance brokers, cross-border staffing agencies and – especially – one-person service businesses.

I’m the author of a personal development book called How To Get A Grip, described by various Amazon reviewers as “brilliant, funny and life-changing”, which was published by a major UK commercial publishing house after they found me online.

More relevant, perhaps, is that I’m currently hidden away on a tiny Mediterranean island, from where I coach a whole load of smart and good-looking small-business owners (from Tokyo to Tallahassee) on how to get more clients.

The thing is, it can be quite expensive to work with me one-to-one (but worth every penny, might I add.) Heck, it’s expensive to work with any sales trainer or sales coach.

Joining this group is like hiring a sales trainer and marketing coach for your business for less than you’re already spending on cappuccino each...

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