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Online course - dance with feeling

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Imagine yourself dancing to a salsa song and you can predict when the music will make a change so that you are able to react to it with a body movement or with your partner.

This is possible if you know the secrets of salsa music. I have been doing this and teaching my students how to dance with feeling from beginners to advanced dancers.

Even by listening and following only one instrument you will be able to dance with feeling, it’s that easy when you know these techniques.

The thing you will appreciate the most about dancing this way, is that you will be dancing all night long!!

Who doesn’t like to dance salsa with someone that keeps the timing without sacrificing the flavor =)

Using the ‘Dance With Feeling’ method you will be able to start understanding the music in a simple way.

I will show you how to find the beats in the music and to be able to maintain the timing without counting.

Benefits: Works for any style of Salsa Dancers on1, on2, etc… Instant access from anywhere with a computer and access to internet You will find the first beats of the songs faster and easier You will be able to keep the beat correctly thru the whole song For advanced dancers you will interpret the music on different ways not only with numbers Change from instrument to instrument during the same song without loosing the timing with your partner

Bonuses: Videos of Dance With Feeling...

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