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Profit from the foreclosure cleaning business

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

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Our guide will teach you the foreclosure cleanup business step by step, I was earning money the very first week!

It's no secret that thousands of foreclosed homes hit the market every day.  Have you ever stopped to think, what happens now?  These homes are left with debris inside and out and the grass is left uncut for weeks or months.  Can the bank sell the foreclosures in this condition?  NO! Will the employees at the bank clean foreclosures? NO!  Will the realtor be able to show the property in this condition? NO!  Will the banks pay someone to clean foreclosured homes and cut the lawn?   YES!  Why?  These properties need to get back on the market  ASAP!  The banks and mortgage companies get calls all the time from County agencies and Home Owner Associations about the conditions of these properties.  When the properties are left in dispare it causes code violations in which the Banks can, and will, get fined if they are not corrected.  It also causes the value of surrounding homes to go down.  Now you can see why the banks would rather pay someone to clean out foreclosures instead of collecting fines and not be able to put the home back on the market and continue to lose more and more money.

This was a video done in February by NBC on cleaning out foreclosures. The amount of foreclosures have Trippled since this video was aired.

The downturn in the economy has created one of the LARGEST business opportunities in the past 25 years!!

This book is truly remarkable, we have been doing business with Steve for going on a year now...

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