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Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Senin, 06 Januari 2014

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“Competing as a Natural Athlete my meals are everything. With a little time I learned how to Manipulate Food For an Unfair Advantage. The best part about is I eat SUGAR, FAT and PROTEIN DAILY! Let me teach you how to do as I do. I can Boldly say I promise it will work! I can say that because I am not pushing some trendy diet fad, nope. I TEACH my students how to Eat along with a revolutionary trick to build muscle and burn fat! Once my students grasp my simple logic towards preparing their meals, its always the same result, SUCCESS! “One Meal at a Time…”

1. We all know somebody with diabetes. They are typically over weight and unhealthy. But there is an underlying reason for this. It’s because they are insulin resistant. Ever wonder what somebody looks like that is the opposite? Let me say this: it’s like the difference between someone with low testosterone and high testosterone…

There is a reason some people easily have lean mid-sections while others don’t. It’s science and it comes down to this. I was told I am insulin sensitive after a body fat analysis was done on me because my stomach held very little fat. Apparently that is a character trait of someone with higher insulin sensivity. Lucky me.

So how does that mean anything? Well, because I am more sensitive to the insulin my body releases I am better able to get the sugar and nutrients to my muscle cells instead of allowing the sugar to remain stagnet and become stored as fat.

Knowing that I thought. If there was a way I could make myself even more insulin sensitive I would have something nothing short of revolutionary and could change the world as we know it. What I came up with was just that. An eating system that allowed me to make anyone insulin sensitive and I mean EVERYONE!

That means everybody that normally stores lots of fat instead of building muscle would now be able to build muscle and by default promote and elevated metabolism meaning more fat burning! Success!

We all know by now nutrient timing plays a huge role in giving top athletes an “Edge” so to speak. Why do you think there are some supplements you need to take pre-workout and others you need to take post workout? It is proven method to the madness or better described as evolving athletic science.

Well, finally I have devised a “tried and proven” strategy for our foods! My eating system is revolutionary because I combine all of the latest scientific advances in the food and supplement world to come up with nothing short of pure genius.

Yes, you could surf the internet and find some bits and pieces on how to take a new supplement or find new workouts to try and have some success but then you are right back where you started, Frustrated and looking for the answers. Well, here it is and it’t only a small one time investment!

But there is more. Not only am I going to show you my revolutionary methods to get you the physique you always wanted but I am also going to give you so much more. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a solid understanding of nutrition in plain english? What I mean is nutrition and how it applies to your next meal. So you can get started right away! I explain everything in black and white, leaving no questions un answered.

…and receive my FREE news letter!! This is a great way to get straight info From somebody that practices what he preaches, ME! And don’t forget to pick up your FREE copy of the SuperNatural 10min Ab Workout just to get you started.Read More detail

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