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Winter adult treasure hunt party game

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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A Treasure Hunt is fun to plan. A Treasure Hunt is thrilling to participate in. A Treasure Hunt is a popular and desirable choice for your next Winter party.

You really don’t want to look lame for creating a dumb party game, have your guests making excuses to leave early and find that no-one is looking forward to next year – they are already making plans to be out of town that weekend.

Why not be considered to be the best party organizer in town and have your friends, family, children, neighbors tell you how much they enjoyed themselves at your winter treasure hunt party.

"Hey Nikki, I organized the treasure hunt last weekend and it was a great success. My planning was based out of your Treasure Hunt download. I had 24 people ages 8-60 and it was played at a large park area. Great fun... I owe the success of the game to you. It was very well planned out and in great detail. I am planning to organize another treasure in the near future and I am excited. I am now addressed as Mr. Treasure Hunt...:) Thanks "

" Hi Nikki, We had our Treasure Hunt game yesterday & had loads of fun…… I had planned this treasure hunt for the baby shower of my sister & we had loads of fun & people really loved it….it was well planned, very simple & easy to use.

I really didn’t have lots of time to sit down & make my own treasure hunt & wasting lot of time in planning the game…..but with this game it made my life easier & the...

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