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Cabin crew interview questions – questions to prepare for cabin crew jobs

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

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Dragging yourself out of bed each morning, dreading the day in front of you. Each day the same as the last, feeling like a mouse on a treadmill, saving up for your one holiday a year.THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

As part of an Airline Cabin Crew you typically work 12 days a month whilst getting paid royally for the entire month!

You have been shopping in Bali, made new friends in Switzerland, learnt to tango in South America and seen an elephant up close in Africa!

The international shopping, the clothes, the latest gadgets, the gifts, the perks, the free airfares for friends and family.

Countless HARDWORKING and FANTASTIC CANDIDATES are so often passed over by the Airlines simply because of one thing - Lack of Interview Skills.

Deciding to prepare ‘on your own’ for an Airline Interview is an incredibly huge task. It is stressful, nerve wracking and often candidates simply don’t know where to start. Hours are wasted on the internet going around in circles. The closer the interview approaches the more nervous and out of their depth many start to feel. Unfortunately for many who DO decide to go it alone they simply aren’t as prepared as their competition.

NOT a candidate who umms and arrs their way through the interview questions because they failed to prepare.

We take you through everything YOU NEED TO KNOW about how a Cabin Crew Interview works and HOW TO PREPARE!

Our QUICK and EASY preparation system is based on hundreds...

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