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Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

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If you are looking to send a large volume of SMS for your business, send us a message and we’ll taylor a custom plan for you.

SMS Manta enables business owners to reach their customers instantly. SMS Manta allows you to send personalised SMS to your list of contacts with a click of a button. You can even schedule your messages to be delivered on a specific date and time.

Everything seems to be in working order! I sent a couple test text messages and they worked perfectly. Thank you for all your support!

Do you have a custom requirement? Or perhaps need a custom plan that suits your needs? Get in touch with us, we’re always listening.

Ideal for individuals or businesses that would like to try the service before upgrading. We don’t offer a free trial so that we can maintain the quality of our customers and our product. We have a strict no spam policy.

Ideal for small businesses or professionals looking for an easy way to reach their customers via SMS.

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