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Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

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An Overview of the Nursing Field and How to Become an RN With the economic downturn and disappearance of once reliable professions, people are turning their attention to the most reliable and prosperous of all career fields— healthcare. With over 2 million practicing nurses in the U.S. alone, our health system continues to suffer a critical nursing shortage that may never be resolved in our lifetimes. This eBook compiles 30 pages of valuable information that you may need to learn how to obtain a nursing career and what to expect as a nursing professional. RN Programs From prerequisites for schools to governmental assistance for tuition reimbursement and healthcare reform, this eBook delivers the comprehensive information that may help you decide if a nursing career is for you.

About the  Author: Deborah Russ-Ott MSN has 30 years experience as an RN and nurse educator. She has worked in ICU, pediatrics, mental health and numerous management positions in healthcare.

With over 30 years experience as a registered nurse and educator, I can offer you the actual information, rarely known and unreported facts that may help you make a sound decision about a nursing career. This eBook offers invaluable information on nursing schools and what a nursing career may offer you.

Deborah Russ-Ott is not affiliated with any nursing program and does not endorse any CNA, LPN or RN programs. This information is designed to provide genuine information on a nursing career, an overview on what to expect as a working RN and the available avenues to funding tuition. Although experiences may differ for each individual, this eBook strives to provide the most accurate information possible to help you make a better...

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