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Human potential technology. Hypnosis mp3's, free hypnosis audio.

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Minggu, 02 Februari 2014

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Sports Performance! Hypnosis can help you rapidly improve within your particular sport! Amateur or Pro'!

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Hypnotic Metaphor! Visit the Meta4 Bank! The webs first & only A-Z index of contributed hypnotic & therapeutic metaphor!

New! Foods that heal! An ever growing list of the amazing health properties of foods, herbs and spices! A MUST READ!

An indispensable collection of hypnotic and therapeutic metaphor, as popularized by the late Dr. Milton Erickson. Compiled from the best of the submitted metaphor. Has the look & feel of a real book! Click here for instant download.

Hypnosis audio files! Subscribe to our members area and listen to streaming hypnosis audio samples, & zipped downloads!

Ask a question! Simply use the online form for all questions re: our hypnosis services or products!

The Ultimate in Subliminal Messaging software is now available for FREE download! The user can define which subliminal messages flash on your PC screen, creating easy and fast personal changes. Over 100 preset suggestion categories, or you can create your very own suggestions! Subliminal messages at their best!. Download now!

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