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Hypnosis home study course by wayne f. Perkins master hypnotist trainer

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Senin, 03 Februari 2014

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You Receive Over 12 hours of concentrated hypnosis audio training and valuable bonuses!  

All Training is created in audio mp3 format so you can listen on your computer, mp3 player or iPod.

Wayne F. Perkins the author of eight books and  is a world renowned expert on hypnosis and adult education

The Master Hypnosis Home Study Program is a proven learning system created by Wayne F. Perkins, a working hypnotist who has helped students in over 70 countries for more than 30 years!

Are you just looking to learn hypnosis for your own private purposes without the pressure and hassle of being Certified?

Now you can take the exclusive Master Hypnosis Home Study Program by Wayne F. Perkins, Master Hypnotist Trainer.

Learn by listening to Wayne F. Perkins and practicing on clients based on Wayne's step by step approach to hypnosis. You learn in the convenience and safety of your home!

"My hypnotism business is going very well. I have had to turn down three gigs for company Christmas parties,  and I am already booked full for next year's post prom party season." "I have gained confidence with every show, and now feel that I can handle most any situation or venue." "Word of mouth from successful shows has expanded my customer base and geographic territory."" I am now getting the bigger schools and corporate events in the area." "Thanks again for giving me the confidence to follow through on my dream." Sincerely, Mark Maruska, from Minnesota

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