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Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Kamis, 13 Februari 2014

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You can get MUCH fitter for soccer and you can stick to a soccer training program.  When the training program that you choose is flexible and varied then it is easy to stick to and you might actually find it FUN! Doing hours of boring cardio is not the most effective way to train for soccer fitness and it is definitely not a lot of fun. When you put together all of the different components then you never get bored as you are always doing something different and long boring runs are never part of it. Using long boring cardio sessions is an extremely inefficient way to train, is an in effective way to train and is downright arduous. There are no positives there. But it is what is done by so many players and coaches. Why? Mostly because they don’t know any different. Some might do some kind of resistance training like using weights. But are probably not doing so in a way that is targeted specifically to improve their soccer strength. And strength and aerobic training are still but two of the many components of soccer training yet are the only two that consistently get trained and most of the time they are not trained in a way that is targeted to specifically improve soccer fitness. That’s where we come in. We have created the Comprehensive System for Better Soccer Fitness. It covers every element of soccer conditioning and is designed specifically for soccer and as a result is varied enough so that it never becomes boring and arduous. The materials come in a PDF (opens with Adobe Acrobat) e-book and video (.mp4) format. Check out the tables below to see some specifics of what is in the modules within the system.

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