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Project vertical jump training system

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

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Learn from Me, Tyler Ray, A Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and an EXPERT Jump Training Specialist! Find out How I was able to Convert My Average Vertical into an AMAZING 49″ Vertical Leap in Only 90 Days!

NO.  I worked for years using different methods of training that never seemed to work.  I used the highest level National Track and Field Strength Programs as well as Countless Jump Training Programs with Little to NO Success.I felt as though NOTHING would work….Would I ever Jump as High As I Dreamed Possible?

Through the Use of Training Principles Proven to be Effective Through Years of Testing, I will Show you How to Morph Your Body into an Absolute Jumping Machine!

From the Minute I was Born it was Evident that being Grounded was NOT an option.  I have always had a love for jumping, but I was born Into a family of Irish-Canadian Hockey Players.  Let’s just say the genetics just weren’t there!  I began to notice at a VERY young age that Hockey was not my sport and I enjoyed the Fast Pace of sports like Basketball and Track and Field Much More.  I began to attend try-outs and practices and Soon found out that despite my upbringing and genetics, I was DESTINED to play these sports.

From the moment I first watched Michael Jordan Do a Cradle Dunk in a game, I fell in Love with Jumping and Dunking.  Just the idea that I too could effectively “fly” for even just a short period of time was intoxicating!  I knew it, I just had to learn to jump.Read More detail

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