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Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Senin, 17 Februari 2014

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Are you tired of hopping from one diet to the next, losing weight then gaining it in a never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting that's destroying your self-esteem?

12 years ago, I put away all the diet books and bravely started eating like the French - full fat cheese, fresh bread, real dark chocolate, red wine, even French fries and pizza. But here's the thing, I started eating these sumptuous exactly the way my French family ate them and I couldn't believe the results.

Within 12 weeks I had shed 12 kilos (25lbs), and went from a size 14 (10 US) to a size 8 (4 US) and have maintained the same weight for over 12 years, eating all my favourite foods.

First, allow me to introduce myself - my name is Sally Asher and I'd like you to know up front that I was never a naturally slim person, in fact I struggled for 15 long years being overweight, but I learned, while in France, to overcome my food compulsions and eat like a naturally thin French woman.

Since returning to Australia, I've had two children and I regularly enjoy lots of foods you might currently consider 'out of bounds' - like chocolate, wine, pasta, desserts, chips and pastries!

As you'll probably know, French food is among the most rich and calorific in the world - so how did I manage to actually LOSE weight while eating France's, high fat, high calorie entrees, mains and desserts?

Before I reveal the weight loss plan that will change your life, I'd like to first admit that I can understand why you might be sceptical.

You've probably seen promise upon promise in magazines and on TV, and if you're anything like me (I've tried a total of 42 diets in my time!), you've had your fair share of these fads - BUT instead of losing weight and keeping it off, you put the weight back on plus more

Just like me and many of my coaching clients, you too can safely lose the weight that has haunted you for years, right in the comfort of your own home:

I'll be honest, I hate showing this photo. It was taken of me in 2000, prior to my  moving to France... 

However, I'm pretty proud of THIS photo, it was taken in 2012, 12 years after I lost my weight and learned from chic French women how to make weight loss pain-free, enjoyable and easy to maintain.

Of course, let me be honest with you here- results DO come down to how well you apply the incredible strategies I'm about to share with you - and you'll be glad to know it's an approach that is founded on common sense and working with nature, not against it.

Want to see some more? Just take a look at how Thin For Life has changed the bodies, minds and lives of these ordinary people: 

"Thin for Life has changed how I approach food and dieting. Eating what I enjoy, without guilt, means I am satisfied with each meal. And thanks to Sally's amazing mentoring and caring, personal advice I now clearly understand why I was eating more than I needed. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to lose and/or maintain their optimum weight without any gimmicks."  - Megan

"If you told me 6 months ago I would discover a weight loss coach who lives half the world away who would help me achieve my health goals, I would have SCOFFED! But guess what? I got to my goal weight with Sally's support and I'm staying at it, and whereas in the past I would panic at regaining the weight, I know that Sally...

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