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Airbrush flames made easy

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Minggu, 06 April 2014

Airbrush flames made easy
How To Prepare Your Surface The first step in any killer paintjob starts with preparing your surface!

Many pro airbrush artists don't share their guarded techniques because they fear competition! Truth is, there are PLENTY of opportunities to go around! I've taught thousands of people locally and worldwide, how to paint. But my personal painting studio is BUSIER than ever!

Forget about magazines that skip the most important steps. They just want to sell you more magazines. My proven guide reveals all the steps you need for ANY skill level!

I wanted to be the artist who painted those wicked car graphics that other people would admire. I had no direction, but I had my dreams.

I started out with no money, no job, and no skills. But I worked hard, paid my dues, and I now live my dream of painting killer car graphics professionally!

Over the last 2 decades, I've learned and assembled tons of proven techniques in my own custom painting business. I've never paid for advertising because my long waiting list of clients have all discovered me via word of mouth!

for more than 20 years, people everywhere have asked me to teach them how to airbrush. Because of my own struggle to get where I am today, I am excited that so many people share my passion and desire for painting. So, that's how my airbrush courses were born! And I haven't looked back since!...Read More Detail

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