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Elite swing mechanics ebook + video series

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Selasa, 08 April 2014

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For 6 years, Chris hit over .300 without ever getting a chance to play a single game with an affiliated team. He wasn’t satisfied with being a good independent league player and wanted a chance in affiliated baseball. After that 6th season in the fall of 2010, Chris and I started working together. We started digging into swing mechanics and what makes the best hitters so good.

The Elite Swing Mechanics eBook is a combination of a 120+ page book, a new web-based section with 30+ pages worth of content and video, over 1.5 hours of video instruction and a 14-day email program designed to teach and develop elite swing mechanics for baseball and softball players.

This is the information I use with Chris, with my other pro clients and with all of the college, high school and youth hitters (baseball AND softball) I work with.

Elite hitters do not swing the way most hitters are taught how to hit. It is time for that to change. Learn how the best hitters of all time create a mechanical advantage and learn drills so you can begin to develop this advantage in your own swing or with your hitters.

After you complete your purchase, you will get immediate access to all eBook file downloads, all video, all eBook Updates and all bonus content. You will receive an emailed receipt and an email notification for your subscription to our email list for the follow-up program. (You will need to confirm your subscription for emails to begin.)

The information in the eBook is as boiled down as possible...

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