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How to play the best golf you can with true custom fit golf clubs

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Rabu, 16 April 2014

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NOW the GOOD NEWS- once you are armed with this knowledge, you will know what a customfitting should be and how your clubs should be built, to BE THE BEST GOLFER YOU CAN BE. Tiger Woods said, even when he first started playing golf his dad made sure his clubs fit HIM properly.

I have learned customfitting and custom clubmaking by the very BEST. I have fitted pro golfers up to 30 handicappers. I love teaching golfers about the golf club, customfitting them and building their golf clubs.

Here are two simple truths for you. You can’t be a good race car driver without knowing how the race car works. And, YOU can’t be a good GOLFER without knowing how golf clubs work.

There are TWO factors that separate the elite from the common in the GOLF Industry. The first is quality of design. The SECOND factor is the care and skill with which the club is assembled, relative to YOUR specific needs and SPECIFICATIONS. A PROFESSIONAL CUSTOM CLUBMAKER WILL MAKE YOUR CLUBS ONE AT A TIME TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. THEY ARE NOT “ONE SIZE FITS ALL”; THEY ARE “ONE CLUB, ONE CUSTOMER, ONE CLUBMAKER.”

When you get How to Play the Best Golf You Can with True Custom Fit Golf Clubs, you will have the knowledge you need to understand:

Playing the best you can play means having the most FUN and a lot less FRUSTRATION playing this great game. I’m not asking you to spend thousands of dollars and years of study like I have to get this information. I want to teach you everything...

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