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Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Senin, 05 Mei 2014

Workout Series - Just Press PlayWorkout Series
Dear Friend, I want you to imagine something... I want you to imagine yourself burning MORE than 1,000 Calories EVERY workout, feeling (and looking) absolutely incredible each and every day, and consistently stripping away up to FIVE pounds of PURE fat week, after week...after week... Now how does that sound to you? Exactly. You see, the truth is you can burn a whopping THOUSAND calories EVERY workout, and you can look and feel your best while rapidly losing fat...but before we get in to how, you first you need to understand exactly why you're NOT:

Heavy dieting without exercise sends a massive signal to your brain that you're "starving", almost instantly putting the breaks on metabolism and bringing fat loss to a screeching halt.  It's your body's natural protection against low-calorie situations, and believe me, your brain doesn't have a clue (nor does it care) that the reason you've chosen to deprive yourself daily is strictly vanity derived. Instead, Landlord Body shuts off fat loss like an unpaid electric bill and even worse starts to "tax" your muscle tissue for lack of payment.  NOT the situation you want to be in for rapid fat loss. Bottom line, if you want to truly shed fat FAST, you need to be performing calorically expensive workouts. But there's a BIG problem associated with that fact:

That's over 467 pounds of fat lost just from those pictured above! Bottom line, we've been creating programs that yield incredible results for years, and the 1,000 Calorie Challenge is by far our most advanced, most tediously designed program to date. You see, we WANT you to completely dominate your workouts and watch the fat melt off faster than ever before, and we're determined to get you to a level of fitness—quickly—where you can do exactly that. Introducing...

Consulting directly with Arnel, 4 weeks of program design would run you at least $197, so when we say you're getting a real $197 value here, that's exactly what you're getting. And we're not even close to being done....Read More Detail

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