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3-second Sexual Attraction

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Selasa, 19 April 2016

3-second Sexual Attraction
3 Second Attraction is not a guide about sexual intercourse. It�s an �attract women� guide that teaches men (especially those who have no innate game or natural advantages, otherwise known as �synthetics�) how to attract and pickup any woman they desire, no matter how hot they are. More specifically, the program teaches you how to make girls have that feeling of �we just clicked� or �right chemistry� when they interact with you; moments which seem to happen by chance most of the time. The author coins this skill as �manufacturing serendipity.�

As for the title, 3 Second Attraction is so named because of the author�s main interaction rule � no talking for more than 3 seconds at a time. That is, you will be taught how to constantly give emotional value, keep the interaction going, and talk only for 3 seconds at a time. Details on why this works and how to execute it properly are inside the program. But do remember � she can talk long, you can�t.

This incredible program represents the work and experience of renowned pickup artist Mehow (real name Michal Pospieszalski). Mehow is one of the most respected and talented �synthetic� pickup artists out there; someone who came into the game late and started out with no innate abilities or natural advantages but eventually rose to become one of the best attraction and dating coaches out there (via his coaching company Mehow, Inc.). He has also made several media appearances, notably MTV, Cosmopolitan Magazine, VH1, and Playboy Radio, among others. All of these combine to establish Mehow�s undeniably impressive body of work and solid credibility.

As for the juicy parts of the program, some important lifestyle tips that can make a huge impact in your results are shared in the chapter called �Lifestyle Supremacy.� From increasing your free time, choosing the correct transportation, acquiring a sense of style, and finding your passion, all the way to treating your friends right, taking care of your health, and acquiring enough wealth; each and every aspect of your lifestyle that, when improved, can make you a complete and better man (not just a pickup artist) are tackled here. Let�s face it, it�s quite impossible to attract women (more so beautiful women) if your lifestyle is not conducive to doing so.

There�s also a dedicated chapter regarding the �phone game� and �text game.� With how social dynamics go these days, the mechanics of interacting with women on the phone or text are way different than the procedures of face-to-face interactions; but are just as important. Equipped with nothing but only your words (and vocal tonality when on the phone), this chapter shows you the intricate details of moving the connection forward and positively escalating the attraction via the phone and text. This chapter, of course, also teaches you how to be able to get the girl�s number with amazing consistency.

The most important part of the program is, without a doubt, the long chapter on �The Three Second Attraction System.� In here you are shown each and every detail on how Mehow approaches women, escalates the conversation, and leaves with the woman having so much attraction towards him � only using his words and body language. You�ll discover Mehow�s 3 second rule, how to create interesting conversations with women each and every time, what makes women go into a comfortable talking state and how to get them there, and all other wonderful elements of Mehow�s tried and tested methodology in this chapter.
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