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Save the Marriage System

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Selasa, 19 April 2016

Save the Marriage System
Save the Marriage is a �marriage repair� and �relationship development� program that relies on a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics between couples. That is, you�ll learn the relationship principles working behind every interaction you have with your partner with the intention that this understanding would help you deal with these situations in a more positive and constructive way.
\Save the Marriage is authored by Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D. Lee�s academic and industry credentials include two Master�s degrees and a Ph.D. in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy; as well as more than two decades (as of this writing) of marriage therapy practice. He also has a background on Community Building together with Personal and Life Coaching. Other than those self-listed accolades and credentials, there�s not much researchable information on Lee. This isn�t normally the case for someone who has been allegedly in the industry for this long with supposedly many successful clients. In that sense, we should assess his credibility with caution.
\Moving on to the program, the introductory chapters talk about the flaws of typical marriage counseling and couple�s therapy. Lee explains the approach that most couple�s therapy practices take and why those particular approaches are fundamentally flawed and unable to solve the core of the marriage problem.
Following that is Lee�s take on marriage counseling � that it�s an issue between two individuals who haven�t successfully moved from a �You & Me� mindset into a �We� paradigm. The rest of the program is about helping move you and your partner from the former to the latter.
For starters, you�ll be shown the recipe of a successful marriage in a form of a Venn diagram. He explains the 3 main elements of a marriage and how these elements interplay to result in a successful relationship.
The next chapter talks about finding, understanding, and committing to the �purposes of your marriage.� Lee emphasizes that it�s different for each couple; and that the most important thing is when you and your partner are clear on your particular relationship�s purposes and are committed to fulfilling them.
You�ll then be provided with some simple marriage secrets and tricks like giving up on arguing without dismissing communication, making progressive decisions, keeping a positive momentum, and how to handle the �lack� of emotions.
After that, you�ll learn how to understand and work along your partner�s viewpoint (i.e. �paradigm�), setting and respecting each other�s boundaries, and practicing a sense of gratitude and forgiveness.
Once you have gone through the �marriage tricks,� you�ll go back to some relationship concepts. Concepts such as the stages of intimacy, relating with your partner on a �high mood,� and living your relationship on the present are opened up and discussed in some detail.
The next topics involve issues of sex and money, both of which are considered by Lee as areas that represent a couple�s struggle for power. Lee then guides you on how to approach these two key areas and use them as tools to create a more harmonious marriage.
The whole program closes out with notes on how to continuously grow and evolve in your relationship, as well as some final statements from the author. The last sections include information about Lee�s several other products and marriage counseling services.
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