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Is Diabetes Reversible

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Minggu, 31 Juli 2016

Is Diabetes Reversible

What is diabetes?
Diabetes is mostly referred to diabetes mellitus by doctors describes a collective group of metabolic diseases in a human body where the affected person experiences high blood sugar levels (high blood glucose) caused by inadequate production of insulin or simply because the body cells are failing to respond properly to insulin or both cases are occurring simultaneously. Persons with high blood sugar levels tend to experience frequent urination (frequent urination) or they will be extremely thirsty and hungry, something we call (polydipsia) and (polyphagia) respectively.

Types of Diabetes and Reversibility
Before raising the question of whether diabetes is reversible or not, we need to understand the three different type�s diabetes. Most people know two.
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes or type 3 diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes
In type 1 diabetes, the body normally does not produce insulin. This is why is commonly known as insulin dependent diabetes, juvenile diabetes or early diabetes. Most people develop type 1 diabetes before they are 40 years old, it�s also common in teenage and early adult years. Patients with type 1 diabetes will have to take insulin for the rest of their lives. Their blood sugar level has also to be closely monitored and this calls for special diets as well as regular blood tests. Type 1 accounts for 10% of all diabetes cases.

Type 2 Diabetes
In type 2 diabetes, the body doesn�t produce enough insulin and this affects the functionality of the body. It also occurs when cells of the body fail to detect urine hence individuals become urine resistant. Type 2 diabetes is controllable, most people do it by losing weight, dying exercises, following healthy diets as well as monitoring blood sugar levels. Type 2, however, is progressive and patients will most likely end up taking insulin in tablet form. Obese and old people are most prone to this type of diabetes. Type 2 accounts for 90% of diabetes cases. 

Type 3 Diabetes
Gestational diabetes happens to be the last type of diabetes though it�s uncommon as it mostly affects females during pregnancy. During pregnancy, women tend to produce high levels of glucose that�s transported in their blood. At times, their bodies fail to produce enough insulin and that results in progressively high levels of glucose in the body. Undiagnosed gestational diabetes is risky at it increases chances of complication when giving birth.

Is Diabetes Reversible?
Undoubtedly this is a hot question and it disturbs most people regionally as well as globally. Different consultants will give different opinions and this calls for facts. Diabetes has been responsible for over 95% deaths in the USA compared to other diseases. Doctors today will tell you that YES, indeed, diabetes is reversible. The road to reverse diabetes should start on time. In most cases, diabetes is discovered and noticed in late stages when insulin resistance is at its worst.

The fastest way to reverse diabetes is to check on your diet. When your diet is typically full of calories, mostly carbohydrates, and sugars, the body gradually becomes resistant to insulin and it needs more of it to regulate your blood sugar level. Usually, high insulin levels are the utmost signs of a problem as they lead to increased appetites that result to uncalled for weight gain around the body.

New science reveals that it�s possible to reverse diabetes through an intense approach to lifestyle change, nutritional support as well as regular medication. Diabetes diagnosis should always be done on time; this is especially to those whose family lineage is prone to the disease.

Education should be emphasized on the causes of diabetes. Education happens to be the very first step of reversing diabetes. Educating people on a healthy diet, nutrition, as well as lifestyle, goes a long way in treating diabetes. Poor diets, sedentary lifestyle and lack of regular exercise should be a thing of the past for a patient reversing diabetes. Natural foods should be emphasized on, this is because they contain fewer sugars. Have regular blood sugar checks; this will help a lot in detecting diabetes early. With diabetes, the earlier you detect it the higher the chances you have to reverse it.

Bariatric Surgery
Some people usually opt for this method to reverse the diabetic state. It involves surgery that removes most of the body fat. We all understand that excess weight is a big risk to type 2 diabetes. There are four types of bariatric surgery, you should that do your thorough research and consult qualified doctors before opting for one of the four options. Your doctors should also be in a position to advise.

Exercise and Healthy Diet
Body muscles tend to become more sensitive to insulin levels after exercise, this is because the cells burn up energy and need to absorb more glucose from the blood. Double toned milk, sprouts, white oats should be key meals in your diet. Salads should accompany your lunch as well as dinner. When it comes to cooking oil, ensure you consume a most 500 ml per month. Milk-related products should highly be avoided. Rope skipping, push-ups, and sit-ups should make the most part of your exercise. Exercises should be done regularly and consistently, even after recovery, we advise you continue doing regular exercises.

Weight also needs to be checked. We advise you tone down your weight as per your body mass index. Self-acceptance is key. You should know that prescription of diabetes does not mean your life will end very soon, it�s a call to a change of lifestyle and embracing healthy living This implies that you should still take your insulin tablets as you try to reverse your state. Stick to the doctors prescriptions. Avoid foods that hinder insulin re-absorption in the body. Type one diabetes may be quite hard to reverse but type two diabetes is reversible. Commitment, healthy eating, meal planning are key ways of curbing diabetes. Do these simple things and you will be soon reversing your diabetes state for the better tomorrow.

Bottom Line
Is diabetes reversible? Yes. Every patient diagnosed with diabetes should be quick to embrace these advices above and resume their normal life.

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