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What makes LST a Hybrid Forex Strategy

Posted by Sweet Sclosets on Senin, 14 Maret 2016

What makes LST a Hybrid Forex Strategy
EAs (Expert Advisors) or �robots� operate under the idea that, simply put, �if conditions A, B, C and D are met, execute a sell�. They operate under strictly technical analysis. They do not contemplate factors from the fundamental realm or unforeseen conditions, and therefore have been known to completely wipe out accounts. 

The Forex LST System incorporated the principles of a robot, up to the point that it gives you the signal, but the order to buy or sell is given MANUALLY by the trader, once the conditions are met and the trader is satisfied by all other variables. 

It allows you to move away from the terminal if you need to and not be afraid of missing a good entry. It will show you on the chart, give you an audible alarm and send you an email (if you chose). It is the best of both Worlds. Click Here!

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